Signature Menu

Asian Octopus with avocado
Imported Canary Islands Octupus served over Avocado with sweet Asian vodka sauce and topped with sesame seeds…To die for!
These sweet-tasting and tender Canary Islands Baby-Octopus are a delicacy unlike any you have ever had... "Simply Delicious..."
Jumbo Sizzling Sea-Scallops
Sizzling Jumbo Sea-Scallops, pan sautéed then topped in a delicate basil lemon Butter Sauce …“The Wow-Wow of Seafood’s …”
Stuffed Avocado Seafood Supreme
A perfect blend of Avocado, Shrimp, Calamari, black olive in light garlic olive oil sauce …
Passion Seafood Ceviche
A perfect blend of Avocado, Mango, Shrimp, Octopus, Calamari and roasted almonds in a light Passion fruit sauce … “A meal in and of itself …” - A Peruvian Delight.
Chipotle Tuna Supreme
Sushi grade Tuna marinated in olive oil and black pepper then grilled rare and topped with our secret semi-spicy chipotle sauce … “So delicious …”
Wow-Wow Shrimp
A Special shrimp treat, lightly battered and fried then coated in our secret WOW-WOW Sauce … “You will understand the name after the first bite …”
Caesar Salad Supreme
Fresh Romaine tossed with homemade Crotons, parmesan cheese, black olives, onions, mushrooms and Gabriella’s homemade anchovies dressing … With grilled chicken breast - ¢9.500
Aged Angus with Gorgonzola
Grilled Aged Angus Tenderloin, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, black olives and almonds with romaine and our homemade balsamic vinaigrette …
Mozzarella a La Caprese Salad
Vine ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette … With grilled chicken breast …¢9.500
Avocado Amareto catch of the day
Pacific fresh Catch of the day grilled to perfection then topped with a delicate Avocado and Amaretto Sauce then served with garlic mash potatoes and sautéed garlic vegetables …
Gabriella`s Happy Catch of the d
Fish filet pan-poached to perfection with our unique Italian Sausage and light white Sauce then served with garlic mash potatoes and sautéed garlic vegetal…
Sweet Pacific Lobsters
Market Price
Fresh Pacific sweet lobster stuffed with Gabriella’s cracker crumb shrimp stuffing. Sizes Range from 1 to 4 lbs. (Seasonal)
Wow-Wow Salmon
Wild Pacific Salmon marinated in our special maple Asian sauce then grilled to perfection served with our homemade garlic mash potatoes and sautéed garlic vegetables …
Sweet Pacific Fried Shrimp
A Jumbo portion of Sweet Pacific fried Shrimp, perfectly seasoned then lightly fried to perfection served with Gabriella’s homemade Wow-Wow fries and sautéed vegetables …
Sizzling Octopus
These sweet-tasting and tender Canary Islands Octopus are a delicacy unlike any you have ever had… Served with our homemade Wow-Wow fries and sautéed vegetables... “Simply Delicious…”
Voted No.1 Seafood Dish
Sizzling Jumbo Sea-Scallops
Jumbo Sea-Scallops, flat-iron sautéed then topped in delicate basil Butter sauce served with homemade garlic mash potatoes and sautéed vegetables … “Voted No.1 Seafood Dish”
Grilled Garlic Jumbo Shrimp
Sweet Pacific Jumbo Shrimp marinated in garlic, butter and basil then grilled to perfection and served with our homemade garlic mash potatoes and sautéed vegetables...
Costa Rican Premium Filet Mignon
Premium tender beef...
A perfect 50/50 blend of Natural Wagyu and Red Angus tenderloin, dry aged 45 days then Grilled and topped with imported Provolone Cheese, Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions...
Black Angus Sizzling Skirt Steak
Our Sizzling Skirt Steak is a great cut, full of flavor, extremely juicy and tender …
Black Angus New York Strip
Lightly marbled, this Center cut NY Strip produces the juiciest of steaks …
Black Angus Rib-Eye
Heavily marbled, this aged Rib-eye is a rich and flavorful steak …
Black Angus Filet Mignon
Considered the tenderest and most desired of all cuts …
Spicy Sausage Supreme
Imported spicy Italian sausage, chopped tomatoes, basil, garlic, black olives, mushrooms and white wine over angel hair pasta … “Light and loaded with Flavor …” With Jumbo Shrimp - ¢16.500 With Jumbo Scallops - ¢18.500
Shrimp and Spicy Sausage Pasta
Penne pasta, Jumbo Pacific Shrimp and imported spicy sausage in a light white wine garlic Sauce … “Simply delicious …”
Gabriella’s Balls
A healthy blend of Semi-spicy Italian Sausage, Aged Wagyu beef and our secret meatball mix over Angel hair pasta... "Meatballs to die for..."
Snapper Francese
Snapper filet lightly dusted than pan-fried in a lemon-butter, white wine and capers sauce then served over angel hair pasta … “Sooooo Delicious..."
Shrimp Portabella
Sautéed shrimp, Portabella mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, wine, butter over angel hair pasta …
Chicken Francese
Chicken breast lightly floured and seasoned then fried to perfection and topped with a white wine, garlic and lemon butter sauce over angel hair pasta …
Angel Hair Al-Dente
Angel hair pasta cooked tossed with fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic and extra virgin Olive oil … “Light and delicious …”
Gabriella’s Bananas Flambé
Perfectly ripened local bananas and flambéed with brown sugar, cinnamon Nutmeg and Rum then topped with our vanilla bean ice cream … ”Served Table Side”
Cheese Cake Devine
This creamy “melt in your mouth” Cheese Cake is prepared with a flakey crust and topped with whipped cream …
Warm Walnut Brownie Supreme
An old fashioned brownie, vanilla ice cream, Chocolate syrup, whipped cream and walnuts …
¢4.000 - ¢18.000
Ask your server for complete liquor selection
¢4.000 - ¢7.500
GABRIELLA’S MARGARITA BOMBA - ¢7.500 Tequila, patron, triple sec, brandy or cogñag, orange juice and pineapple. MARGARITA - ¢4.000 The house tequila, triple sec, orange juice, ice and liquid sugar. RED AND WHITE SANGRIA - ¢4.000 Gabriella’s secret PIÑA COLADA - ¢4.000 Rum, coconut cream, evaporated milk, ice and fresh pine apple. DAIKIRY- ¢4.000 Rum, lemon juice, fruit to choose and ice. LONG ISLAND - ¢6.500 Tequila, triple sec, rum, vodka, gin and Coca Cola. MOJITO - ¢4.000 Rum, peppermint, lemon juice, soda, ice and sugar. TEQUILA SUNRISE - ¢4.000 Tequila, orange juice, grenadine, ice. GUAIPIRIÑA - ¢4.000 Cacique, lemon juice, sugar and ice. MARTINI SUCIO - ¢4.500 Vodka or gin, vermout, olive juice, olives. MARTINI PREMIUN - ¢6.500 Gin and vodka, vermut, olives. COSMOPOLITAN - ¢4.000 Vodka, cointreau, cramberry juice, lemon juice. MANHATHAN - ¢4.000 Vodka, orange juice. GUARO SOUR - ¢4.000
Beverages & Beers
¢1.400 - ¢2.200
Soda Beverages, Local and Imported Beers, Mineral and Sparking Water

Premier Wine Menu

white wine
A Young and seductive spirited wine with an Intense aroma of roses and white flowers along with notes of sweet fruits such as apricots and peaches. A young and fresh wine, with balanced acidity and pleasant finish.
white wine
Our Sauvignon Blanc comes from grapes chosen from the Maipo Valley, with perfumed aromas of citric fruits and ripe pears. In the mouth, it is a fresh wine, with balanced acidity and a delicious finish marked by fruity notes.
white wine
Our Chardonnay comes from chosen grapes from Maipo Valley. It has a bright golden color and pleasant aromas of fresh fruits, ripe bananas and pineapples. In the mouth, it is a young wine, fruity, well balanced and with a refreshing finish.
rose wine
Our wine is a fresh Rosé blend of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Syrah with a bright, clear raspberry red color. Intense aromas of red fruits such as strawberries, black and Morello cherries. It is fresh in the mouth, with elegant texture and great persistence.
red wine
Our Merlot comes from Cachapoal Valley. It has an intense red color and an exceptional and intense aroma that recalls black fruits, spices and a bit of tobacco. In the mouth, it is silky and pleasant, with good balance and persistent finish.
red wine
Our Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the Maipo Valley. With intense aromas of red fruits such as plums and raspberries blended with roasted notes. In the mouth, it is balanced and with great body, with excellent persistence and a great fruity finish.
red wine
Our Carmenere comes from chosen grapes from the Cachapoal Valley. With distinctive aromas of black fruits such as blackberries and blueberries, black pepper and roasted notes. In the mouth, it is soft and balanced, with round tannins and pleasant finish.
white wine
A complex wine, with a warm golden color. With intense aromas where almonds and toasted bread prevail, with a soft note of nutmeg, all accompanied by sweet notes of honey, bananas and ripe peaches. Amplus Chardonnay is voluminous and perfectly balanced, with all the complexity and character of the Leyda Valley.
red wine
An interesting wine, complex and expressive with attractive aromas of cherries, black cherries and cassis, with notes of tobacco, black chocolate and graphite. Amplus Carmenere has a powerful, mature and seductive finish.
red wine
An elegant and sophisticated wine, with a deep red color. With fine and intense aromas of plums, blueberries and blackberries, blended with nutmeg and roasted notes.
red wine
An exclusive and unique wine with an intense and expressive nose highlighting aromas of liquored cherries, raspberries and blackberries, along with notes of black chocolate, nutmeg and roasted grains of coffee.
red wine
A blend specially elaborated based on Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Cabernet Franc. Aged for 14 months. Classic and elegant, with aromas of berries, plums and cherries that blend with touches of tobacco and vanilla that give it great complexity.
red wine
“CARMENERE-CAB-SYRAH” Rivalta is an exclusive blend made with the best grapes of the harvest. Aged for 20 months in French Barrels used for the first time. Intense aromas of black fruits, blueberries, cassis, black pepper and a touch of mint that give it elegance.
white wine
This Grand Reserve is elegant and complex, with intense fruitiness and refreshing acidity. Herbaceous character, aromas of passion fruit and grapefruit, all embraced by mineral notes. Very good balance and firm expression, with a long and refreshing finish.
white wine
This Chardonnay is Intense and complex. Delicate notes of honey and ripe tropical fruits that recall bananas, pineapples and passion fruit, along with roasted notes and vanilla. A fresh and lively wine, with good balance, pleasant, persistent and delightful.
red wine
This Grand Reserve Syrah has intense aromas of red fruits such as raspberries and black currant with floral accompanied by smoked meat and tobacco. It is Generous, ripe, and well-structured with a pleasingly long finish.
red wine
Very complex and intense with delicate notes of strawberries and raspberries along with notes of sweet vanilla and a touch of nutmeg. A smooth and delicate wine with refreshing acidity, good balance and a long and pleasing finish.
red wine
Merlot comes from the Maípo Valley. It has notes of chocolate and vanilla, along with berries and roasted coffee. In the mouth, it is a silky wine with great structure; its tannins appear round and mature.
red wine
This Malbec Grand Reserve has influence from the Andes Mountain Range and the Maipo River which give it a perfect maturity of the grape, delivering a voluptuous, fresh and fruity wine, with great concentration and balance in the mouth.
red wine
Carmenere Grand Reserve has great aromas of spices, black pepper and fruits such as blueberries and blackberries. In the mouth, it is a balanced wine, with mild and mature tannins, with a pleasant finish.
red wine
This unique Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the Maipo Valley with aromas of red fruits such as cherries and dried plums, combined with notes of mint, tobacco and roasted notes. In the mouth, it is a wine of great structure.
The cold – climate Leyda Valley delivers a slow ripening of the grapes. The vines are planted in the hillsides getting all the freshness of the Pacific Ocean breezes that favor the development of this complex, fresh and elegant sparkling wine. Aged 18 months
The perfect after dinner wine! A sweet wine, with a special, notes of apricots, honey and flowers. It recalls the harvest season of its late grapes coming from the Maípo Valley. A limited production, obtained from ancestral methods of fermentation in barrels for 12 months.
red wine
This unique blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot presents notes of dried plums blackberries, vanilla, cinnamon, with a touch of roasted aromas. It is a concentrated wine, elegant with round tannins and a velvety finish.

Enjoy Our Signature Dishes

100% Angus & Wagyu Steaks

Our Angus Steaks are 100% USDA Certified, Hand Cut then Wet Aged for Tenderness and Flavor.

All of our Steaks are Flat-Iron seared at 1000 degrees to lock in the juices then seasoned and grilled to perfection and include a choice of our Wow-Wow Steak Fries or Sautéed Garlic vegetables.

Possibly the best and healthiest beef you’ll have ever tasted!

Market Fresh Seafood

Our gourmet seafood dishes include Lobster, Wow Wow Shrimp, Fresh Fish, Seafood and Our Famous Signature Sizzling Scallop Dishes.

Join us to experience the best Signature Steak, Sizzling Seafood and Gourmet Pasta in all of Costa Rica.

#1 Dining Experience

Franchise With Us!

At Gabriellas Steakhouse, our goal is to deliver the best seafood and steakhouse experience. The right franchise partners owns that goal and preserves our brand with a commitment to mutual success.

For a limited time we are looking to open four franchise locations in the following areas: Escazú, Tamarindo, Dominical and Jaco.

What people say

  •   We went there after fishing the staff were incredible and sooo nice and welcoming. The owner came and talked to us for a while introduced my parrents and family to a bunch of new wines that im sure they will buy in the future and...More

    thumb rileigh345

      Located in the heart of Quepos Marina, this restaurant has the best view at the Costarican Pacific.The food is just amazing, quality and elegance are there. The Santa Ema wine from Chili is fantastic. I had there the best meat ever and the red wine...More

    thumb Chocolateholidays
  •   Nice evening out. Attentive service and good selection of entrees. Food was just average though and all of the sides were the same so it was a little disappointing. The shuttle service from Tulemar Resort was a nice feature.

    thumb Jdubbs79

      From beginning to end we had such a relaxing and enjoyable night. The service was professional and welcoming- Gloria greeted us and Dixon made many good suggestions from the menu. The caprice salad had fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil with a nice mello basaltic dressing....More

    thumb Chris H
  •   We visited this restaurant many times in Costa Rica, and it was our favorite of all the places we visited. The service is amazing. Danny was our server and was absolutely amazing! Would go back in a heartbeat!

    thumb elp749929244

      We celebrated our anniversary here as were other couples that evening!! The owner and host was so gracious and generous.! The food selections were outstanding and the prep and presentation delightful! The staff were very polished and helpful with excellent recommendations. I had never tried...More

    thumb junglefun123
  •   Food, wine, service and ambient was nice. Nice to see the open kitchen. But the price was too high for what we got.

    thumb Fra_Breg

      My husband and I were visiting the area from Guanacaste. We really wanted a restaurant with great food and saw the reviews and menu for gabriella’s. We went on Friday and had the pleasure of Luis serving us. All employees follow strict Covid rules so...More

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